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So to begin anime week, I spent a lot of time cruising around on the internet looking for inspiration for my self portrait. Unfortunately, most of what I came up with were the pages upon pages of the very formulaic approach to drawing anime and manga characters. After searching a while, I came to the conclusion that Adam’s informative lecture on the history of anime had been much more helpful than my random searching. Following this, I decided to head over to to create a manga me!

unfortunately, the site had a poor hat selection and my manga head feels quite naked

 So after having too much fun making different manga versions of my self on the different sites mentioned in class, I figured it was about time to start thinking about the assignment. Late one evening, I set up some supplies in the studio and set out to do my paper treatment. For this particular assignment, I had decided that I wanted a treatment from a variety of mellow colors and neutrals. Using acrylic inks and watercolors I got several small cans and mixed up several colors using strictly complementary colors.

ready to go with some mixed inks and watercolors

So I began with wetting my paper down and started to brush on some areas of color (like so)

However, I’ve never been the patient type and brushing the color on was not quite working for me. Ideally, I would have like to have been able to have several small spray bottles for each color, but since this wasn’t the case, I began pouring color on (like so!)

after much color-pouring

my finished paper treatment

Prior to color-splashing, I had mixed and tested each color. Having been satisfied with each color I then proceeded to work on the treatment. I was surprised to find that in one of the colors I mixed something had gone terribly wrong. Whether I did not mix it well enough or the purple just settled is unclear, but it ended up leaving purple splotches all over the place! This made me sad, because I am not a fan of purple. Fortunately, I am open minded and although my paper treatment did not end up nearly as awesome as I had planned, I will make it work.

The following day, my girls and I decided to have some fun and we did manga-makeovers. Since they are always cranky with me for having to do so much homework, this was a good opportunity for them to get involved.


 The girls and I had a lot of fun with some internet pictures for dress-up inspiration and a bit of Graftobian face paint. All that is left to do now is to actually complete the assignment!


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  1. Great entry Jess. The makeovers are so funny. What a fun way to involve your girls:)

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