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I picked new age for this project.  New age artists tend to capture a spiritual experience in imagery.  I had planned on meditating to come up with an idea, but after consuming a little vodka, I took the dog for a walk instead.  On the way home, I saw an unusual alignment with the moon and mars.  The trees were also interesting and appeared lung-like with some atmospheric variation around them. This is what I am attempting to create in this project.  Sorry, no photo of the astrological event.

Did a loose masking of the area I wanted to treat on the paper.
I applied a watercolor and acrylic wash with a spray bottle.

It was a bit watery so I blotted it with paper towels.

The use of a hair dryer helped speed up the drying process and drove the paint around in little rivulets.

I brushed watercolor paint through an open weave fabric, blue then green.
I wanted to keep this a some what subtle, so I only painted in certain areas.

Colored pencil was used to create trees. The trees looked like lungs to me while out walking.

I’m trying to capture this with bright red and the watercolor paint applied through the fabric.

It’s still in progress and will take about another week to finish.


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