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Class Begun on Tuesday with a lecture from Instructor Hewitt, on the fundamentals of color. The beginning of the topic of the day dealt with the explanation of the primary colors which are red, blue and yellow. As with the primary colors, came also the corresponding secondary colors known as green, orange, and violet. Lastly, on the topic of colors, the six tertiary colors were brought into light as to being composed of the mixing of the primary and secondary colors. As a novice to color itself and perhaps fearful of this beautiful foe, this helps tremendously to better understand the material at hand.

The next demonstration of the day dealt with Instructor Hewitt and she demonstrated first hand with pastels, more specifically Rembrandt pastels with still life. The richness of the pastels with every stroke on the paper can definitely been noticed from cheaper qualities pastels, cough; mines preferably as simply beautiful. So don’t be cheap was the lesson quickly learned from the demo. After the demonstration was complete, we were to draw from the still life laid out before us, in color without using black or whites. Which of course made me sigh in defeat. But to my surprise, with the broad selection of colors to choose from, though cheaper quality, made a fairly cute finish.

The drawing of course unfinished to it full potential, made me more impressed by the rawness of its lack of completion it presented. I started off drawing the subjects at hand, with bright red and blues. This way I would be able to distinguish the colors of the pieces and to start loud colors and work my way into softer/darker tones. I drew in somewhat a 3D wire frame, as to try and capture the light source in an easier fashion. This way making it more believable, easy to balance to composition, and the shadows were easier to capture. This was a task, considering color is not my favorite medium of choice, but it’s always nice to branch out every once in awhile.

Color is is probably the hardest medium of choice for me. Mainly because I never could color in between the lines in pre-k, but hey it was pre-k so who hell the cares. The concept itself of toning and inputting colors together to get a particular color is sound in theory, however, in practice it’s another story indeed. I don’t know what it is about color that seems to always gets me, perhaps its the patience required.  Yeah, that could be it.  Or maybe I’m just color blind.  Color and I might never mix. So every time I approach the subject, I’m really careful to try and capture the impression as best as possible. Mainly, because Lord knows I cant color as great, but if I can get the impression, well that’s as good to me as free food. Whatever the case maybe, the more practice I can get with color, the better I’ll get… at least I was always told so!

A color still-life example, that isn't mine.

Still-life that is mine. Damn mess!

Color wheel showing primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

My weapons of choice. Get some.


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