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Class started with proposals for our final projects.  We gathered into groups to discuss the formal plans each of us made, diagrammed meticulously on crisp sheets of white paper.  Some crisper than others.  The challenge of this project is that it involves displaying a drawing on an unconventional surface, aligning with the unconventional tone the rest of the class has taken so far.  As the culmination of all our research into subculture art, the pressure was on to present a kick-ass idea for this project.

Grouped with Laura, I felt a special kind of pressure to present my idea in the best light possible under her no-nonsense gaze.  My idea is to create a quilt using segments of fabric with drawn images on them.  Using strips of fabric as gutters, I want to create a noir comic-inspired series of images that deal with harmful aspects of female gender restrictions, playing with the contrast between the implied association of femininity of the quilt form and the dark images on the fabric.  My flushed and breathless presentation of this to my group went OK – at least no one sneered.

Other groups seemed to exude excitement discussing ideas, and more than one person began sketching as soon as groups dissolved.

Next was the grad students’ critique of their goth/kitsch projects.  The undergrads hovered nearby throughout trying, perhaps, to absorb a little inspiration.  I have to say I missed Tatiana’s work rounding out the group, though I was thoroughly impressed by each of the grad’s works.  The use of imagination I saw in each of these projects stood out to me.  Also the way that each student pushed their comfort zone and tried new and potentially risky things made me proud of them, in a strange way, and lent me a new sense of respect for each artist.  Personally, I think I did get a little inspiration on me.


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