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These were my supplies for this project minus the paper. Objects to the left of the roll of tape were my objects that came in my cup that I had to incorporate into my drawing some how.

I was interested in using the fortune telling card as my basis for the format of my paper, so I used paper and tape and covered up the center of the paper so that my paper treatment would only go around the edges, allowing me to fill up some space behind my design that I was going to put around the border.

This is how it turned out when I removed the paper and tape. Now it’s starting to take the form of a fortune telling card.

These are my preliminary sketches for my multi media drawing.

This is my border partly finished.

This is my border finished.

This is my almost finished drawing, I have some minor details to add, but over all this is pretty much what it’s going to look like.  I chose this scene out of the fortune telling card because it seemed like a great starting point. I got the idea of using the girl from the image in the back of the card for my usage of kitsch in the drawing. I liked how the pastels stood out against the ink, it really gave the drawing some ‘pop.’  The trees that were in the fortune telling card seemed too flat for my taste, so I decided to make some pine trees instead. Overall I’m happy with the drawing and can’t wait to finish it.


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