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I was inspired by the small handmade comic books that Jamie Smith brought in for our class.  I love these little books because they tend to have more character and quirks.  So at this point I decided that I wanted to make my own little comic book. I wanted it to be narrative and reflect my view of the world as a child. 

I chose the time I went to New York City and rode the subway for the first time when I was about nine years old.  It was terrifying because it was the first time I had been surrounded by that many people.  I decided to make the narrative in my comic book flash back and forth between what actually happened and what I remember happening.  For example, one frame will be of my father guiding me down the street of large buildings and crowded streets.  I was afraid of these large buildings; I remember them towering over me as if they were going to haunt me forever.  I remember the people being exotic and frightening like monsters. 

For this project I’ve been referencing comic books lent to me by Erin Henderson: Chosen by Mark Miller and Peter Gross and Slow Storm by Danica Novgordoff. 


To begin, I treated a sheet of BFK Rieves light weight paper with layers of waterproof ink, water, and white acrylic.  I treated both sides, to prevent the paper from curling, and because I was going to fold the paper into pages of a book.  Once the paper dried I tore my paper into three sections which I then folded in half to make the pages of my comic book.  On each page that will contain a frame, I drew a box with ink. 

These are the supplies I used to do my paper treatement.


I tore the paper into three sections and then folded them half to create the pages. Next, I made the cover for my comic book which is a combination of illustration board, lots of modge podge, more treated paper, and gray computer paper. The illustration board is used for the hard cover and computer paper was used for the border and to bind the illustration boards together at the spine. I used another sheet of treated BFK Rieves light weight paper for the inside and outside of the book cover. Once I am done with my drawings on the pages I will use thread to bind the pages to the spine. For the cover of my comic book, I used illustration board and tons of modge podge and covered it with more treated paper. The cover for my comic book.


page 1

page 2

page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8


Page 9

Paper: 26×40 inch BFK Rieves light weight, illustration board, computer paper 

Media: salt treatment, waterproof ink, non waterproof ink, ink washes, and pen with ink 



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  1. Very cool! I love it.

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