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We walked into a dimly lit room with a large still life set up on the center table.

Adam and Laura gave a presentation on Geek, Science, Sci-fi, Biomechanical and Post Apocalyptic subcultures and art. The lecture covered everything from DNA paintings and math robots to genetically modified rabbits.Geek Art - Artist unknown

Here Laura demonstrates working with pastels on 7-layer pastel board. She gave advice and showed various techniques for working with the roughly textured paper.

Black and white are not entire range of grays are needed to give depth to a piece. We saw that some grays are blue toned while others contain orangy red tones. We were instructed to use a full grayscale in our work. Once we all found a portion of the still life to draw, everyone got to work. It seems that the 7-layer pastel card was well received. The rough texture could handle so many layers of chalk or ink that it created a feeling of freedom as you could simply rub out mistakes or draw over them.

The following images show student works in progress. While most students chose to work with charcoal and pastels, a few used ink. The variety of style, composition, technique, focal points and creativity contibuted to the array of work shown. Such diversity is always so inspiring. It is hard to believe that everyone heard the same lecture, used generally the same materials, worked from the same still life, yet came up with such individual outcomes. While the images below are works in progress, you can already see a full range of value, strong compositions and interesting use of line and form.


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