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Eric working with pen and ink during class. For this week, we studied PUNK influenced art.

This week we are covering the punk subcultures, 70’s, steam-punk, cyberpunk, diesel punk.  I found that these genres are very enthusiastic and have a lot of energy in the style.  It is based on a “Do it yourself” philosophy, influencing the art to have an independent quality.   I also found it interesting how these genres would take eras from history and make them into something new.  It opens up a lot of new possibilities, allowing new ideas and concepts to be born by combining two or more existing ones.

Shaving cream mixed with ink makes an interesting paper treatment.

Lora working on her epic paper treatment.

Heidi Morel, star MFA student, sketching ideas in her secret notebook.

Amanda drawing steam-punk paraphernalia.

Mr. Mendoza and his cyber-punk sketch.

H.R. Giger's work is an example of sub-genre art.

Gail demonstrates a bubble and ink paper treatment.

Gail demonstrates the bubble and ink paper treatment: combine liquid soap and ink, blow bubbles into the mix through a straw, then apply paper to bubbles to create a circular bubble pattern.

More bubbles!


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