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On Tuesday February 2 Laura taught us about the different genres of punk: from 70’s punk and their Anti-movement to Diesel punk that has just started to emerge.

70’s punk was brought around by the gas shortage of the early seventies. This was a time where people could not get jobs and had restricted gas supply. Being a young person in this time was hard. Up sprung the punks, they had the motto DIY(do it yourself). Their art movement was to ‘destroy’  already made art, but when you change art you make new art.

Later on in the 80’s, a new type of punk came about known as cyber punk.  These were the people that build their own computers and later on became part of the grey-hack hacking. They shared programs and different games which were all copy written.

Steam punk came around int the late 90’s early 00’s. They describe themselves as neo-Victorian. The way they differ from other genres in not only they are very time period based but also they take things that we have today such as a computer and make them so they work and appear they way they might have at the turn of the century: gears, brass, cogs, and wood are all key elements to their art. They see art as a way of life.

Diesel punk is the newest one that can be put into a sub culture.  Here they also are a time period punk.  Where steampunk is about things looking steamed powered, diesel punk is about the industrial revolution. there clothing and style of art is from the Great War (WWI):  sheet metal, gears and rivets.


In class we learned about line and proportion. Our lines were inspired by the different punk movements.

includes steampunk, cyberpunk, deiselpunk

We also learned how to help make our drawings to have better proportions. First have your string with a weight!

Next pick what you want in your picture and where center is in your picture. Once thats done mark the center of your page.

After that, measure the object that is your focus.  You will be using this to base size for all your other objects. note how many widths are in the length or visa verse.  Mark on your you paper the ‘box’ the object will go in.


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