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Adam gave a presentation on ritual scarification. He brought many lovely images to peruse.

All us undergrads got our own grad student to discuss our research projects with. I was in a group with Adam. We discussed making tribal tattoos and graffiti.

After finishing our discussions, we worked on paper treatments and our out of class drawings relating to graffiti and tribal.

The skeleton was very popular this day.

Amanda working.

After looking at Adam's presentation pictures of scarification, I made a connection between the scar images and tire impressions in snow. I decided to incorporate this idea in my out of class work.

Another snow impression.

I tried using my car tires to do paper treatments.

My car tires were not giving me the desired results. So I ended up using a dolly in the Art Department to create these scar inspired paper treatments.

I began working from home later in the week. My desk is not as tidy as Adam's. So I worked from my couch.

A year ago I had a dream there was an entire clay village existing inside my wood stove. Talking about tribal culture in a historical context in class, reminded me of this dream. I also thought the lines of my wood stove could be incorporated into the Western tattoo aesthetic of 'tribal.'

So far I've started by sketching out my wood stove. It's looking dumpy. I've got a lot of work left to do. In the final drawing, I plan on incorporating my dream and the Western tribal aesthetic.


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